Imball Center has always placed Quality at the base of its work.

All-round quality in the organization and monitoring of business processes: starting from the selection of suppliers and raw materials, passing from the control on the productive activity and from the training of the staff,  to guarantee the highest quality standards and therefore to supply a product in line with the customer’s requirements.
The entire company is constantly developing to pursue the goal of continuous improvement and a level, both qualitative and innovative, that is always higher.

Since 1999 the company is certified ISO 9001 on both the factories.

Download the ISO 9001 certificate

Furthermore, Imball Center guarantees that the products manufactured and marketed are hygienically safe and meet the legislative requirements in force.
Through the acquisition of the BRCGS Packaging Materials certification, the company ensures the application of the principles of HACCP and specific GMPs for the production of packaging intended to come into contact with food products.

Since 2019 the company is certified  BRCGS Packaging Materials with Level AA on both the factories

Download the BRCGS Packaging Materials certificate


Ethical Code

In carrying out its working activity, the company Imball – Center identifies its own reference principles and defines the methods to pursue them through the corporate Code of Ethics.
This document is the instrument of self-regulation in which the set of ethical, moral and social values ​​that the company itself recognizes, applies and shares is described.

Download the corporate Code of Ethics