30 years of experience


The Imball Center, which is situated in Lucca Italy, has been producing flexible packaging since 1982.

Our careful selection of raw material and our final creations (our products) are the result of a combination of innovative technologies, rationalization of ideas and the use of the latest methods in production efficiencies.

Our commitment to searching for new solutions for the flexible packaging industry makes our company both dynamic and creative.

We have produced significant growth in the organization and our market share.


Giuliano Castori

Acting for the quality, innovate and provide qualified products for an increasingly demanding market.
This is our daily challenge.


Nicola Giuliani
Marketing & Dev. Prod.

“People and quality… these are our secret weapons!”


Giovanni Sartini

After years of research we guarantee consistently high quality over time.”

Our products in the world

with high quality standards, always.



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Print and quality for your success

Print at 60 lines and over.

Our machines print at the highest quality that modern technology makes available.

The outcome is sensational value whilst also being unique within the market. Our experience ensures speedy production facilities without affecting the quality. This is a value we hold close to our branding and we feel distinguishes our place within the market.